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I'm not really a fan of romance novels and short stories. I find them hard to read so when I was asked to do this post on a one of a selection of  romance short stories, I wasn't sure if I could.  I went through the list,  download some and  finally worked my way to a micro short called Kona by Synful Desire.  I have to admit that what first attracted me was the length, but what  unlike some of the others I'd read, Kona leaves a lot to to the imagination.  There's a tantalization to the story leaves  you wondering what is going to happen  and gives you little clues about who is having the fantasy, the
waitress Sharla or her regular customer.  It's a tease of a story that would do well as a longer story.

Camielle's Lights


Camielle has never really fit in and when the lights arrive over her home, she discovers why. This story has the feel of the scffi threater shows i grew up with and makes you wonder about what is out there? And are we really alone?
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Welcome to Belleville where soccer and baseball are the biggest sports.  The Soccer Tommies and Baseball Mommies coexist quite peacefully until that is, when a tornado named Old Luke visit’s the town and turns life upside down.  Now the two teams Pirates and the Dominion Daughters must share the baseball field while the other is being used for the tornado’s debris.
G. Mitchell Baker tells a story centering around twins Teddy and Terri Fabiano, a brother and sister who are equally passionate about their sports and about having to share the baseball field with the Soccer Tommies so they can keep playing.  This could be any town and we all knew people like this growing up, or we were them.  He draws from his own experiences growing up and that gives this book a real sense of authenticity.   His characters are people you know and can relate to and the writing is easy and real.
The biggest lesson is that no matter what adversities we face, how we treat others says a lot about who we are.  And that sometimes, it’s easy to lose sight of that when life gets turned upside down.
This is a great read for any middle grader, whether they’re interested in sports or not.

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