Thursday, January 30, 2014

J. r. Barker

Children's author J. r. Barker agreed to stop in and tell us a little about her newest project: Krun the Barbrian.

"Whilst I am here I would like to introduce Krun the Barbarian.
Krun was born when I started writing little exercise pieces to improve my writing for my upcoming fantasy novel.
 Krun will not be a part of it, but the plucky blaggard burst out of my mind and onto paper before I could stop him.  I guess he didn’t like being left out of the actual story, so I’ve given him his own time and place to show off.

 For six weeks I’ll be sharing with you excerpts from his diary as he realises his dream to become a hero and fights not only the dreadful beasties, but his own naivety too.

Having decided it was cheap and easy, Krun sets out on the path of being a true hero, killing things and getting paid for it.
Yes, it’s cheap to live like a hero, you catch your own food, make your own clothes, but it’s not easy or cheap to start up.

Follow him as he discovers that he cannot do battle with a recycled sword, that yes he must wear armour and how not everyone wants their creatures slain.
It will be light hearted and battle laden.  Posts will be on Thursdays, but if you want to make sure that you catch them don’t forget to subscribe."

J. r. Barker can be found at where you will not only find her latest creation but interviews, short stories, poetry and even her own photography.

Photo Courtesy of J. r. Barker

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  1. Thank you for hosting me, it's been a real pleasure.


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