Saturday, May 24, 2014

  Since this blog is about and for all aspects of publishing, I think it's only fair to include on line features as well from time to time.   Okay, I grew up in the age before the internet; my first compute had to have the DOS program loaded into it each and every time.   And then I have to load the writing program and a separate floppy for what I wanted to save.    And if that doesn't date me nothing does.   The internet is becoming one of the most powerful tools every created, it gives us instant access to anything from shopping to magazines or blogs like this one and that gives people like me , with no university degrees in literature or writing, a voice.   We have a platform to inform and in some way, I hope entertain.
     A few months ago a friend I met on line offered me   the opportunity to do a guest piece for a new e-zine, another term that doesn't go nearly as far back as I do.   But I think I've dated myself enough already.    I thought it was kind of cool, get my name out there ahead of the book I was trying to get published.
   It was a fantastic experience,   I took a little something I had squirreled away made some changes, added a few   hundred words and lo and below, my first full fledged magazine article.   And that quickly turned into a regular column.   I was a little nervous at first, because I'd never done this before but everyone there was a great help and they're all such great writers in their own respect, it's kind of like being part of a family and each issue is filled with articles that inform and entertain.   I try to do both.   But more importantly, these are writers who care about the subjects they're sharing.   Whether it's original poetry, upcoming book releases   from around the world with blurbs in their respective languages,   interviews and reviews by founder Y. Correa or articles by The Queen, every issue is filled with fun and informative content.
   I have to say, this has been one of the best writing experiences   I've had and I'm lucky to be working with such great   people.   I also see great thing s for this magazine…

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