Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Help our friend ARLENE O'NEIL

Normally, I would use this space for an interview or a cover reveal but the true goal of Artistic Reflections is to help others so I don’t think I’m getting away from that now.

Every once in a while, you come across someone who has given in ways many of us wish we could and others would never dream of.  It’s that special person who is always thinking of others before themselves and at the same time is asked to handle more than is their fair share of troubles without asking for help in return.  Those giving souls are all too rare at times and when they do shine, we're all that much better for knowing them.
But we all need a hand once in a while.  It’s at these time when we see the very best in each other.  Now is one of those times, a time to help a fellow author when she needs it but will not ask for it.  For those of you who know Arlene O’Neil, either through her lively presence on FaceBook or through her role as an editor with Maser Koda Select Publishing LLC, you know how tireless and devoted she is when it comes to helping others.
I met Arlene through the face book group Master Koda at one of their book launches and in all of the time  I’ve known her, not once has she put herself first.   Her stories about her goats are always entertaining
and her pride in her son is inspiring.  But she has endured alot, more than  any of us think we could and she has not lost her sense of humor or her strength of heart. She's been a real example to follow  

So it's up to her friends to offer what we can.  Thanks to the efforts of Brenda Perlin and Kim Mutch Emerson, of MKSP, two benefits have now been launched to help Arlene with the financial needs for rebuilding her leg.  But this is a major operation and as anyone who's every gone through major surgary can tell you, it's not over when you leave the hospital. There's medications and PT, not to mention the normal day to day stuff that comes from running a small farm on 5 acres and all at a time when so  many other things needs fixing.  This event will run until the 20th of September


To really understand what kind of person she is, she tells about the accident that has plagued her since she was six in the book Broken Spokes.   In many ways, this one event made her who she is today.  This book is not just about that accident, it's about how it affected her after that and about becoming a widow and being a single mother.  It's a book about overcoming the obstacles, about picking yourself up and growing stronger.  It's also about not letting those falls make you bitter and angry.
Kindle 3.99 or 12.99 for print.

They say each drop adds to the bucket, so too does every penny and dollar.

I know that we all have it in us to help one of our friends when she needs it most so please, however little, whether it's just prayer or a couple of dollars, it all helps.

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